Darren W. Conrad

As Deputy Wilson

Darren Walker Conrad, an Award Winning Filmmaker, was born on 10 February 1968; to Darryl Walker Conrad and Sarah Gail Phillips, in the small southern town of Gastonia, North Carolina. Darren's Father was an All American Football Player who's shot in the NFL was stopped short by knee injuries. Darren's Great Uncle was All American Football Player and Former Oklahoma State University Athletic Director, Wade Walker. As Darren began to walk and talk, his artistic and musical mother began to notice the child had a natural knack for signing, playing the piano and drums, and acting out stories. Darren's childhood consisted of church plays, school plays, children's theater, church choir, school chorus, and band. Playing piano and bass by ear, his natural God Given Instrument was drums. Darren also excelled in athletics; playing football and baseball through college. 

His first step on a professional film set was in 1977. As Darren continued through his teenage years, he was able to work on many other professional films; including "All the Right Moves" and "Dirty Dancing". He Majored in Theater and then walked away from football after college. The death of his father in 1989 lead Darren down a different path in life. Instead of going forward with the arts, he joined North Carolina State Law Enforcement, and is still active today in the profession. Darren has received hundreds of commendations and awards in his career. He received the highest law enforcement certification awarded in 2002; the North Carolina Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate. In 2010, he graduated from the North Carolina State University Police and Public Administration Masters Program. Throughout his busy adult life, 

Darren never forgot his artistic roots. Around 2006, Darren jumped back in the saddle and began really learning and studying film acting. After a few years of private coaching and instruction to make the total transition from stage to film, Darren signed with his first agent. After booking several independent projects, Darren landed his first Principal Role in a National SAG-AFTRA Commercial. Darren's dream was to become a Member of the Screen Actors Guild; and in December of 2010, that dream became a reality. Darren's next true love, passion, and talent was that of writing. Between 2011 and 2018, Darren has written 7, SAG-AFTRA Independent Films; including one, "Award Winning Feature Film", "Partners". 

He has produced a total of 24 films. Darren's work as a writer has attracted some very experienced actors. Between 2010 to present, Darren has booked 6 National Commercials as "Principal"; and has been booked for "SAG Extra" in several others. He has worked as either Principal, Lead, Supporting, or Highly Featured in film, television, and commercials with such known talent as Tom Cruise, Tommy Lee Jones, Matthew Modine, Bob Gunton, Marco St. John, Thom Gossom Jr., Maureen Dowdell, Francine Locke, Bonnie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey, Tommy Lee Jones, Whoopi Goldberg, Rutledge Wood, Dale Earnhardt, and many outstanding local and regional talent. Darren is a very powerful and emotional actor that has learned to stay, "within the box". 

He can roar like a lion or purr as soft as a kitten. In commercial work, his size and build; combined with a perfect smile; gives off a certain comedic element Casting Directors, Directors, and Producers are looking for. Darren's writing style hits on the emphasis of both character and emotion.