Jonathan Clayborne

Producer / Project Manager

Jonathan Clayborne has been intimately involved in the performing arts for 30 years. Clayborne is a poet, actor, director, novelist, playwright and screenwriter. He is one of the main organizers of Haunted Pamlico, a horror-centered nonprofit based in Washington, N.C. He directed his first film in 2006. 

Films he has directed, or co-directed with Justin Casey, for Haunted Pamlico have occasionally enjoyed viral success online and have been frequent selections of film festivals from Canada to North Carolina. 

Jonathan is the host of Carnival of Darkness: The Haunted Pamlico Film Festival, where he appears under his stage name "S. Krueger", and supervises marketing for this and other Haunted Pamlico projects. He is thrilled to work with J.B. Beverley and George C. Romero on "The Killer Among Us."