Justin Casey

Producer / Cinematographer / Editor

Justin Alan Casey began working with Haunted Pamlico as a photographer, cinematographer and editor in 2015.  He has also written and co-directed a couple films along with scoring. His love for horror films made him a perfect fit with Haunted Pamlico.

Casey’s love for photography really started about 17 years ago after inheriting a couple of cameras from his late uncle, an amazing underwater photographer.  Casey studied photography formally at various schools, but he feels his independent studies and experiments have proven to be more useful—he has been able to develop his own personal style and vision. 

While Casey studied photography, he began to branch out into other related areas such as graphic design and filmmaking.  He began designing posters, cd covers, and t-shirts, along with writing, directing, shooting, and editing no-budget short films.  Casey has won awards in all areas and has been published in various magazines and newspapers.  His main interest lies in fine art, but he does not restrict himself.  He also does traditional portraiture, commercial photography, photo restoration, and other photographic, design, and video services.

Along with his photography, design, and film, music plays a huge role in his life.  Casey plays a variety of instruments: guitar, banjo, drums, and upright bass. After spending his early years in the punk and metal scene, he crossed over to the old-time country and bluegrass scene, forming and fronting the band Carolina Still, where he met J.B. Beverley and recorded an album and did some touring with him. 

Casey says of his work: "I want my photography, design, film, 

and music to evoke feeling and emotion.  If my work aims to achieve anything, it is to deliver 

people from the limited ways in which they see and feel.”